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Cloudoko Forms is a design and runtime platform for delivering powerful, accessible and responsive forms to be used standalone or embedded in your website pages.

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How Can Cloudoko Forms Help You?

We take care of the complex integration between your website and back office systems so you can focus on getting your internal processes online.

Forms That Run Perfectly On Multiple Devices

Cloudoko Forms are responsive and built mobile-first.

This makes them look great on all mobile, tablet and desktop devices.

It also allows you to reach more customers via digital channels, by allowing them to use the device they want to use.

And Look Like They Belong On Your Site

Upload your HTML / CSS template to us and we will style the form as you wish.

We provide a unique URL for each form so that you can link to them from your site.

Or for a more integrated feel, you can embed our forms directly in to your website pages using a simple HTML & JavaScript snippet.

Mobile first

"Template Flow" - Common Self Service Scenarios Covered

Template Flow provides multiple self-service scenarios out of the box. These templated pages help you design forms with consistent user journeys that are configurable to the needs of your business process.

We have support for the following customer data capture stories:

  • No customer detail required
  • Optional customer details required (enables anonymous requests)
  • Mandatory customer details required
  • Authenticated customer Launching Soon!

We also have support for the following location data capture scenarios:

  • No location details required
  • Address based location (using your CRM address gazeteer e.g. LLPG)
  • Street based location
  • Address or Street based location

Our location capture mechanism can be combined with a web mapping connector, encouraging a more accurate location description.

Cloudoko Forms supports the following mapping providers

Simple Tools To Create Great Forms

Cloudoko Forms has a WYSIWYG designer interface backed up by a powerful XML Editor for more advanced users. Its intuitive features helps you design the best online customer journeys.

You can also use our designer to adapt your internal CRM forms for online use . Although you'll probably find they were designed exclusively for use by your staff - not your customers. In many cases you may want these forms to be presented differently to your online customers.

It allows you to make comprehensive modifications to the appearance of your forms online:

  • Exclude unwanted form sections / questions
  • Rework the language of the form questions to be more customer-friendly
  • Provide supplementary text to assist your customer in completing the form
  • Preset form values
  • Configure settings at a global / form level
  • Migrate forms between development and production environments (one click)
  • Report form usage to Googe Analytics / Tag Manager

Forms Designer allows modification of the Cloudoko representation of your CRM form. It does not alter the underlying CRM form. This ensures that your internal processes remain unaffected.

† The publishing of existing business processese feature is currently only supported on KANA / Lagan CRM. We would be delighted to help customers using other CRM products.

Forms Designer Screenshot
Screenshot: Cloudoko Form Designer

Extend The Reach Of Your CRM

So you've invested time and effort re-designing your organisation around a CRM system?

Are you finding the complexities of CRM and website integration a struggle?

We can help you achieve channel shift by turning your internal processes into digital processes where per transaction costs are much lower than using traditional contact methods.

Cloudoko Forms currently supports KANA / Lagan CRM and would be delighted to help customers using other CRM products.

We have a simple monthly subscription with a 30-day no quibble cancellation policy.

Extend the reach of your CRM

3 simple steps to deploying your first form with Cloudoko

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