Connected Bookings for Enterprise

Cloudoko Bookings is a highly-configurable runtime platform for driving a wide spectrum of bookings/appointments scenarios. Designed to plug seamlessly into your website. Connector architecture supports powerful integration with your back-end systems.

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How Can Cloudoko Bookings Help You?

This service handles multiple personnel, resource and team bookings with complex diaries and working patterns, always ensuring that your customer and the organisation are kept in the loop via email/SMS.

Online Bookings, On Any Day, On Any Device.

Cloudoko Bookings is responsive and built mobile-first.

This makes booking forms look great on all mobile, tablet and desktop devices.

Allowing customers to use the device they want to use, encourages more bookings/appointments via digital channels.

And Look Like They Belong On Your Site

Upload your HTML / CSS template to us and we will style the booking wizard as you wish. We provide a unique URL for each booking form so that you can link to it from your site.

Or for a more integrated feel, you can embed your booking forms directly in to your website pages using a simple HTML & JavaScript snippet.

Responsive booking wizard

Ensure Your Customers Stay In The Loop

Cloudoko Bookings can send multiple email and SMS messages at different stages of a booking.

The content of the messages can be easily configured, and any messages that are not required can be disabled via event configuration.

SMS Messaging - Powered by Twilio

Our flexible "Connector Architecture" allows us to use any SMS provider you choose (as long as they have an API). However, we typically recommend Twilio because it is a stable platform trusted by some of the world's largest brands.

A Simple-To-Deploy Corporate Booking Solution.

Enterprise booking systems are often overcomplicated and difficult to deploy, but Cloudoko Bookings is different.

We have worked hard to make Cloudoko Bookings is as intuitive as possible, with minimal clutter in the user interface, enabling users across your organisation to quickly get to grips with the application.

With Superior Flexibility To Integrate.

Our flexible "Connector Architecture" powered by Cloudoko Driver enables Cloudoko Bookings to integrate with any back office system that has an API or permits database access.

For more advanced data capture scenarios we recommend that you deploy our Cloudoko Forms service which can be combined with Cloudoko Bookings to great effect.

Booking configuration

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